Mission & Values

The mission of Little King is to be the leading brand in supplying a wide range of textiles, and have contribution to our society aligned with the textile industry.

People who need knit fabrics are all our clients. To catch up with the leisure and sports trends, Little King relocate our resources in developing functional materials that comprises of high value-added, high technology and environmental protection properties to ensure and enhance our competitive advantages.

Customer is our priority. We endeavor to provide product and service with high quality; we build close relationship with our customers and maximize the long-term benefit for them.

People in Little King dedicate ourselves to developing the niche market; provide better products/service to our customers.

We look forward to the permanent growth and hope to fulfill our customers’ demand all the time.

Social Responsibility
In additional to the business side, Little King also cares the society and often provides the public welfare.

Five Friendly

Brands Friendly
We always put our customers in the first place.

Wearers Friendly
Fabrics development is based on the care of wearing experience and life enhancement.

Athletes Friendly
Never stop improving functionality with the inspirational athletes’ attributes.

CSR Friendly
We are committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility to the local and to the world.

Environmental Friendly
Little King is proactively engaged with the environment protection and willing to pay efforts to achieve the shared goal of the program of ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals).